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The MOAA Cape Canaveral Chapter began on July 22, 1957 when H.H. “Bill Hutchings, LCDR, USN sent a letter to The Retired Officers Association, TROA (MOAA’s predecessor) in Washington DC inquiring as to the feasibility of establishing a chapter in Cape Canaveral.  Bill received a favorable response and then contacted several retired officers to organize a chapter.  After holding several organizational meetings and electing officers, the chapter called TROACC (The Retired Officers Association Cape Canaveral) began operation in January, 1958 with Raymond A. Nelson, COL, USA at the helm as President.

The Chapter was active socially through the years of 1958 to 1960, climbing to a membership of 60 members in 1959. It began publishing the predecessor to our current newsletter the “Intercom” in May, 1960.  However, sometime during this year, several key officers who were working in the fledgling space program were transferred.  Their loss seems to have been fatal to the new chapter.  We have no other records of the Chapter until April 3, 1967 when an officer in the area wrote to TROA requesting procedures for reactivating the Chapter.  This occurred in 1968 with a meeting at a local home.

TROACC struggled along as a mainly social club through the remainder of the 1960’s and early part of the 1970’s.  In 1974 the members of the Chapter established a telephone committee with members calling perspective members to inform them of Chapter events.  This committee was a great success and the membership had grown to 250 members by July, 1975.   Another milestone was achieved when a non-profit mailing permit was obtained in July, 1976.  This seems to be the impetus for publishing a useful newsletter that got the Chapter moving from a social organization to a public service organization. By the end of 1976 the membership had grown to 800.

The additional membership really transformed the Chapter and a major event occurred in 1978 when the chapter Personal Affairs Office was officially recognized as a military community involvement activity.  Its mission: To act as the location where Chapter administrative functions are accomplished; to provide personal affairs service and reference information to Chapter members, their dependents and survivors; to coordinate the base activities on matters affecting retirees.   The name of the Base office was changed to “Retiree Affairs Office” to better reflect our services to all retirees-not just to officers.  This office was located at  Building 425, Room 2-189  on Patrick AFB and manned during duty hours.

In 1979 The Officers and Board initiated the presentation of medals to the outstanding R.O.T.C. cadets from each of the eleven space coast high schools.  These medals are recognized by D.O.D. and may be worn on the service uniform as well as the cadet uniform.  Members of our chapter presented these medals at Commencement exercises at each high school with the following citation “Awarded to the high school cadet of the junior class who has demonstrated qualities of leadership and has the potential to assume positions of higher responsibility throughout his career.”

Also, a Chapter Life Membership was established in 1979 with the price ranging from $65 for those 50 or less to $25 for those over 66, what a bargain!

The chapter was extremely active socially during the 1980’s.  Members hosted several golf tournaments, dinner dances, monthly luncheons and travel activities each year. It was in 1983 that the Board of Directors established a Scholarship Committee, Chaired by RADM O. D. Waters.  The purpose was to promote the wellbeing of Brevard County and, more particularly of outstanding needy college students.  The objective: to seek out local candidates who are sons and/or daughters of service personnel.  Priority was given for excellence in achievement in the sciences, engineering, or mathematics.  Please see our Scholarship Section in this web site.

By the beginning of 1984 the membership had grown to 1468 and increased to 1606 by the end of the year.  Also, the Thursday Morning Breakfast Club (TMBC) began weekly meetings at the Patrick AFB Golf Course.  The TMBC continues to be one of the most popular events in our MOAACC calendar and is now hosted at the Indian River Colony Club (IRCC). 

Through the remainder of the 1980’s and to this day, MOAACC continues its long history of community involvement and social events.   The reader should review the Levels of Excellence Submissions found in the Documents section under this tab.

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